Caption Contest: What is Barlow Thinking?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first round of caption contests. If you don’t know what we’re talking about here, it’s because you’re not a Facebook fan yet. If you want to be the first to get updates, behind the scene information and just be in the know “like” us!

Here are the entries:

Brad Kramer Did I leave my lady gaga cd in my car stereo or in the player by the hot tub?

Alison Stagg Harr If I add an F# here, it won’t make any sense… Lets do it! and lets add a few more 16th triplets in the verse… Yeah, that’ll do! Wait, Renel will love it if I put the ALTO line way up here! DONE!

Stuart Oliver I’m sure I wrote that line on page 5

Beverly Withey Mmmm…shouldn’t of had that second egg roll…

Lisa Trent  “I wish this chick would stop taking pictures and let us work.”

Melanie Willis Wilde Carpet is so pretty, lost in the pattern, hmmmm….

Robert Lochhead Daddy needs a cocktail!

Sherry Walker Owens I wonder who’s going to come back with a snappy caption; a soprano or a tenor? nah, it’s going to be an alto.

Michael A Palumbo Now what the heck is the formula for finding that transposition??

Malinda Tall That’s some fascinating tonal ambiguity.

Lauren Everett Johnson Did I turn off the iron before I left the house? No I didn’t. Yes I did. No I didn’t. Yes I did . . .

Amie Traynor Timpson ‎”Why am I the only one that can sing this chord in tune?”


SO many good entries, but we do have a winner. And the winner is…Brad Kramer! The idea of Barlow singing to Lady Gaga on the way home from rehearsal made us all laugh the hardest, so you win! Send an email to with your mailing address and we’ll send you an exclusive recording of our 2011 Collage Concert.

Thanks for playing everyone!

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