2019-2020 Visual Artist Partner

Introducing our 2019-2020 season visual artist, Jared Gunnerson!

Jared’s artwork will grace our programs and season brochure.

Artist statement:
For centuries, poets, musicians, and artists alike, have captured the beauty of the natural world around us. As a landscape artist, I look for ways to move beyond the static moment. I strive to show nature’s movement and transcendent qualities. Nature moves with the wind, is pushed and pulled by gravity, it decays, and is even reborn. I want to place the laws of nature on display. I want my paintings to show the scenes before us while also revealing the very movement and essence of the cosmos within and all around us.A Utah native, I am drawn to the natural beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, Uinta Mountains and the national parks of Southern Utah. Using soft pastel as my primary medium, I hold pure mineral pigment in my hand and directly paint on a surface, without a tool between my hand and the pigment. As a modern impressionist, I favor strong, bold marks and angular strokes.

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