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Music has a wonderful of way of doing a lot of amazing things for us. Sometimes we just need that fun, upbeat song to lift our mood as we dance around the house. Sometimes our mind is expanded as we are exposed to a new, unique piece of music. Sometimes our heart is expanded as we take part in a piece of music that gives us a glimpse of how to be a better person, or how to dream of a better world. But let’s be honest, sometimes you just need the pure delight of hearing Utah Chamber Artists sing beautiful music beautifully. We’re talking about yummy, delicious, wrapped up in your favorite cozy blanket, surrounded by a wash of the divine sound that is UCA singing Brahms, Mendelssohn and Durufle — UCA’s warm a cappella sound for the Durufle Motets, the lushness of a beautiful, melodic line of Brahms accompanied by UCA’s exceptional orchestra, and the thrill of a Mendelssohn fugue to end the night! I can’t think of a better way to spend the last Monday night of February (bring on Spring!) than our upcoming concert which is guaranteed to be as lovely to listen to as it is to sing.


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