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October 8 

Marjorie sings soprano with us. She, along with all our singers have been rehearsing and recording at home these days for videos we will release later this year. But we have one video we’re ready to release on Tuesday! So keep an eye on our page.

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October 1 

Is it too early for Christmas? Not when you’re recording Christmas music!

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September 18 
Our singers know Jared primarily as our rehearsal accompanist, but our audience gets to enjoy his talents each fall at the Cathedral of the Madeleine when he’s featured as a soloist for the Collage Concert.

Because we can’t invite you into that space with us right now, Jared put this piece together especially for you to listen at your leisure. You also get the bonus of hearing him introduce it a bit! Please enjoy.

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August 29 
Last week our singers met with Barlow over Zoom to talk about what we’re creating to celebrate our

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August 18
All our singers were issued a microphone last week so they can set up personal recording studios in their home. Stay tuned because we’ve got some music coming your way!

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