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Brahms and Mendelssohn have created dynamic microcosms of the contemporary world within the pieces that we will perform. The pieces include drama, sweet sensitive moments paired with passionate melodies and harmonies. There are key and time signature changes, tricksy rhythms that you can’t afford to mess up! These pieces require extra practice and tedious attention to detail. Last, but not least, we are performing in German! A language that some might assume is rough, guttural, and not as pleasant to the ear. 

Even with these musical obstacles, my favorite reason to sing Brahms and Mendelssohn, is that they write gorgeous resolutions. The dissonance and hurried piano and orchestra lines settle down and you find yourself holding your breath to catch a glimpse of the world being content. At peace, even for just a second. This is why I sing, and also why I love singing with this choir.  We collectively get to feel peace and contentment when we come together.

Just like my favorite parts of these pieces, life has its glorious moments of resolution. The moments where we find peace and stillness. For this reason alone, you should come and hear these microcosms (sung beautifully in German) and share in the moments of peace and contentment with us!

All the love,


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