Julie Barker
Sarah Brown
Suzie Clark
Blythe Enke
Gillian Eshleman
Sarah Hansen
Julie Hadlock
Ashley Hill
Caitlyn Jones
Rachel Kelson
Melinda Kirigin-Voss
Marjorie Lowder
Cami Mower
Melissa Stettler
Megan Walker


Jennifer Call
Valerie Christensen
Carly Daboin
Laura Durham, Communications Coordinator
Hillary Emmer
Cherie Hall
April Iund
Misti Moberly
Rebecca Nelson
Annette Hatch Nichols
Liberty Pierce
Shauna Ruske
Renel Rytting, Social Coordinator
Cami Talbot
Lisa Marie Walz


Logan Bradford
Weston Eldredge
Jared Gunnerson, Choir President
David Hansen
John Hansen
John Hayward
David Layton
Alan Quarnberg
Connor Thompson


Nate Benincosa
John Bonner
Bradley Clark
Brett Finlay
Joel Longhurst
Andrew Luker
James Marshall
Hal Mauchley, Stage Manager
Matt Robertson
Eric Schmidt, Associate Conductor
Merritt Taylor

Rehearsal Accompanist

Jared Pierce



Utah Chamber Artists auditions are scheduled as needed and typically take place during the summer months. Before auditioning, interested singers will need to submit an application. Applications can be submitted at any time. To be considered for an audition, please send an email to and include the following information: Name, Voice Part, Email Address, Phone Number, and Relevant Experience (or attach a resume). You will also need to attach at least one MP3 recording of your voice that best demonstrates your range and musicianship (preferably with accompaniment). You may submit up to three files, but only one is required. Prospective singers may include a headshot. Submission of materials is an indication of your interest but not a guarantee of an audition. If you are selected for a live audition, we will contact you to arrange a time. Prospective applicants should have significant prior choral experience.