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Hal: Why I Sing

It seems that I have always sung. Well, not in the womb but right after my exit of said location.  … Continue reading

Lisa: Why I Sing

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Julie: Why I Sing

I sing because it makes me happy. I sing because I love it. I love it so much, “flames, flames … Continue reading

John: Why I Sing

I recently returned to my childhood home to spend the weekend there for the last time. My parents are relocating … Continue reading

Cami: Why I Sing

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Linda: Why I Sing

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Erin: Why I Sang

Since this was my last season as a singer with UCA, as my vocal cords stopped working halfway through, like … Continue reading

Why I Sing: Bob Stevens

I grew up playing music and singing. My “début” was singing “We‘re Going to a Hukilau”, accompanying myself on the … Continue reading

Why I Sing: David Hansen

I’ve been having one of those days. Today is the last day of the Legislature and I’ve been at the … Continue reading

Why I Sing: Weston M. Eldredge

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