A Singer’s Dozen – Yu-Feng

A citizen of Taipei Taiwan, Yu-Feng Huang (黃育峰) came to the U.S. in 2017 to pursue a DMA. He studies under Dr. Barlow Bradford in the University of Utah Choral Conducting program. He currently serves as a teaching assistant with the University of Utah Chamber Choir and A Cappella Choir, and teaches the undergraduate conducting class. He is music director of the Salt Lake Chinese Choir since 2017, and has sung with Utah Chamber Artists since Spring of 2018.

You can listen to Yu-Feng’s list HERE.

  1. Barlow Bradford — Give Me the Splendid, Silent Sun
    A gorgeous Walt Whitman poem combined with incredibly beautiful music! This piece evokes a tranquil field, and rescues your exhausted heart from the noisy world. One of my favorite choirs performs one of my favorite composer’s music! Wonderful!
  2. Jacek Sykulski: Dance in the Fire
    Such a dramatic and powerful piece!
  3. Matthew Harris: O Mistress Mine
    An optimistic song of love fulfilled.
  4. Will Todd: I sing because…
    The most touching love song I have ever sung. Lyrically joyful but with a tragic twist ending.
  5. Jaakko Mäntyjärvi: Come Away, Death
    A dark journey of unrequited love rendered in exquisite detail. The ambiguous harmonies reflect the pain and joy of deep love.
  6. Ēriks Ešenvalds: O Salutaris Hostia
    This song is one of the most beautiful pieces of sacred music in the world! The soprano duet melody is heavenly.
  7. Felix Mendelssohn: Psalm 42 – 1. Wie der Hirsch schreit
    This music is one of my favorite choral works from the Romantic period. I was privileged to conduct this piece for my master recital, and it was my first time to conduct a choir with a full orchestra.
  8. Damijan Močnik: Prošnja
    This Slovenian song of prayer presents the character of Eastern European music, with chant and dissonance. The parallel fifth and fourth show the features of a primitive folksong.
  9. Joby Talbot: Path of Miracles – 1. Roncesvalles
    One of the most unique pieces of choral music I have encountered. Taiwanese aboriginal atonal chanting leads into a choral movement of eight different languages. Truly mesmerizing!
  10. Eric Whitacre: Water Night
    The dream-like poetry of Octavio Paz brought to musical perfection.
  11. Veljo Tormis: Raua needmine (Curse Upon Iron)
    Perhaps an obvious choice, but my favorite by the famed Estonian composer. Sit back and be prepared to be shocked and moved over the next ten minutes. A musical reaction to urbanization and modern warfare.
  12. arr. Barlow Bradford: Infant Holy, Infant Lowly
    Truly lovely. A joy to listen to and perform.
  13. Will Todd: Among Angels
    A great example of “chance music.” Not just one, but two harps as accompaniment. Angelic lyrics.
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